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Aloha Bombshells,

July where did you go, I can't believe we're over half way through the year already, how can that be?. July was a good month for me full of travel again, back over to Canada in the summertime for a change, so of course, I was keeping my Instagram updated, here's my July in Instagram.  

  • Of course the famous passport photo at the airport,  this was my second time of flying out of Gatwick and my second time flying with Air Transat and I have to say, it honestly felt like the longest day ever, 5 hours at Gatwick, a 9 hour flight with the delays and 5 hours waiting to be picked up the other end.  
  • I love these old fashioned jukeboxes, I actually saw this in a Wimpy's, unfortunately, the coin slot was taped up so it couldn't be used but it was still fun to see one.
  • I got to stay in the brand new Courtyard by Marriott hotel thanks to my better half, (there will be a full review on that coming soon).
  • Tim Hortons released a new drink this summer called the Real fruit Chill, so I tried the Tropical flavour when I was chilling in Square One for the day.
  • The triple chip from BeaverTails, I spotted this little bakery when we were coming back from our walk along Lake Ontario and it looked so good, I had to try one, I regretted it a little later, as we dined at the Old Spaghetti Factory that night and we'd both eaten half of that each earlier, so we're rather full when dinner time came.
  • one Saturday we spent the day hanging around downtown and Casa Loma was part of our day out, a beautiful day indeed.
  • Orange lilies I think they are gorgeous but I saw them everywhere, just like we see weeds, on every sidewalk or shrubbery spot, peoples gardens they were there. 
  • Friday night we headed to Niagara Falls to see the fireworks, they were amazing and watching them other the falls, really made it a special night for us.
  • Last but not least, I took the train home for the first time ever from  Gatwick back to Southampton and for £5 you can't go wrong, I definitely recommend it, if you're travelling from there anytime soon (you book through South West Trains but it's operated by Southern)

Love & Hugs

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  1. I never knew a person could do a blog post about their Instagram pictures of the month! This idea is actually a fun one :) Would work though for someone who leads an exciting life, so not sure if I could be able to do a whole month :P Lol. I like the idea of expanding on what really happened because sometimes people on Instagram don't give a damn to actually read the caption and everything, but rather go straight to liking the picture in hopes they would get a like back. Or enjoying the picture and liking it, but not commenting on what the person wrote about in their post. Good idea for a blog post :) Thanks for sharing!


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