What's in my Carry-On? The Personal Item

Aloha Bombshells,

Airline travel don't we all love it? I must admit I'm not a massive fan of flying or "flying buses" as I call them, I like to keep my feet firmly on the old terracotta but it is needed for us to be able to jet off to sunny climates and leave the usual rubbish British weather behind us. ( which in all honesty, has been pretty good of late)

With airlines comes baggage and baggage allowances,  this is personal preference but I always opt for a carry-on and a personal item, that being I'm travelling on an airline that allows a personal item too and so far I've been lucky with that but I think it's pretty standard for long-haul flights these days.

It took a while for me to find the right bag to use, I've tried many over the past couple of years, however earlier this year I eventually found it. The bag itself was from Primark, it's lightweight when empty which is an added bonus, holds a fair amount but doesn't feel like it's weighing your shoulders down when it's full.

Inside my personal item, I mostly carry the same things, some may not be included in this as they will be added last minute, but it does differ depending on the time of year at my destination. I will usually carry with me:

  • Passport -  A must have for travel and always try to carry a photocopy with you, just in case the worst happens and you lose it, you really don't want to get stuck. (so far so good I've never lost my passport?)
  • Travel Wallet - A newbie for me this trip around but will be the home of my boarding passes and money. 
  • Documents - Flight confirmation, travel insurance, any itineraries you have planned everything.
  • Headphones - A must have even if you're not watching any films as they definitely help to cancel out the noise of the aircraft in general and any children. 
  • Laptop - I try to vlog as much as I can whilst I'm away so I like to import all the footage to the laptop so it frees up the camera, also it comes in handy if the television at your destination is pretty rubbish, you can just Netflix and chill. 
  • Chargers - Basically any charging leads I might need, I always double check I have my laptop charger now each time before I leave the house, as I have done the whole thing of getting to Gatwick and then getting the horrible feeling in your stomach because you forgot your laptop charger.
  • Travel Adapter - A must have for any international travel
  • Liquids - I carry my clear liquids in a little bag from Superdrug that's see through, it was cleared through Heathrow security last time, so I'm hoping it will be the same going through Gatwick this time, to save getting one of their small see through bags.
  • Magazines/Books - Sometimes I'll take a book to read in case the movies aren't that good or I don't have any entertainment at all, or I'll grab some magazines or a puzzle book from WHSmiths at the airport. 
  • Water bottle - I bit the bullet and bought a nice new fruit infusion water bottle from Wilkinsons or Wilko as it's now known as for £2.50 for this trip as it will be the height of summer, I'll definitely be needing to keep hydrated. (Remember any water bottles have to be empty to clear security first and then you call fill them up airside)
  • Camera/Mini Tripod- Most important things if I want to do any vlogging and I've a few blog post ideas in mind too.
  • Phone/iPod 
  • Sunglasses - Sunglasses are must even if travelling in the winter, as they are great to wear coming off the plane and hiding the jet-lagged eyes.   

Are you off on any travels soon? What do you usually carry with you? 

Love & Hugs 

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