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Aloha Bombshells,

Long time no speak, I do enjoy having this little blog of my own but life has got in the way over the last few months, however, there will be lots of posts coming up soon, as I am heading off for my summer vacation next week, which I'm super excited for.

Primark, I'm sure we all love a bit of Primark, I know I do, I find it to be good quality clothing at affordable prices and as I have my travels coming soon, I still needed to grab a few bits and there may have been an impulse buy or two.  

The main point of the shopping trip was to get some new tops and I love these thin little vest tops, they are so comfortable, lightweight and great for travel as they don't weight anything and are super easy to pack, I last bought a bunch of these two years ago for my first cruise, those are still going fine and they're my go-to tops in summer time, but I wanted  to add some new ones to the collection, so I chose a pink, blue and black as black will go with anything and was a bargain at £1.50, the other two were £2 each. 

I also wanted to get some new socks and I wasn't planning on these particularly but they are different, fun and for fifty pence each they were a steal, at the same time I  noticed some black plimsole style shoes, that were very similar to a pair I had bought before and had loved due to their comfort so for £3, I had to get some and this time i opted for a black pair instead of white. 

This last item was the impulse buy, I have been hunting down a new passport cover for a while as my current one has been damaged over time and when I saw this set I couldn't resist, it looked strong and sturdy and great for keeping me organized with my boarding passes and money and it also might help downsize what I take with me and it was even more of a bargain at £3 instead of £6.

The travel wallet feels really sturdy and has lots of pockets inside to keep all your cards and money, aswell as a zip pocket at the back.

Passport Holder

Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet Interior.

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