March in Instagram: Canada Style

Aloha Bombshells,

March what a great month full of travel, new experiences, happiness and memories i will forever treasure, yes this March i flew off to Toronto via Air Canada's dream-liner for the third time, this vacation staying even longer and making it a fourteen day trip, which was the perfect length of time to go for, anything less than two weeks just isn't enough time, as I was out there for most of March this month's Instagram post is based on my Canada trip. 

1. London Heathrow Terminal 2 waiting to board my flight to Toronto, with the standard passport Instagram photo because if you don't take that photo, did you ever really go.

2. The malls in Canada are huge and most have at least one water fountain, in this particular mall Sherway Gardens has 3 in total, this is just one of them and this biggest.

3. On the first weekend my man took me on the CN Tower experience (a separate post to follow on that) but it was amazing, and pretty scary to be 350ft above ground.

4. The same day as the CN Tower tour, i finally found Nathan Philips Square and the Iconic illuminated Toronto sign, so i just had to grab a sneaky instagram.

5. The monday after i arrived a snow storm came in, luckily we just missed out on the 25cm of snow but we still got some.

6. One friday evening we took a trip across the street, to Wild Wings Restaurant a chain that neither of us had been to before, i had the Sweet Escape flavour wings which were Honey Garlic, Caesar and Parmesan and they are the best wings i have ever tasted in my life, i can't tell you how good they were, they were mouth watering.

7. It isn't really a trip to Canada without visiting Niagara Falls and i'm so glad we did, because that day turned out to be a very special day and one i shall remember forever.

8. The very special day was made by my gorgeous man and his belated valentines gift, a ring with a
promise that nearly every woman wishes for in life,

9. Last but not least, it may have been a grey day when i hit the tarmac at heathrow but it certainly wasn't above the clouds on approach, flying definitely gives you the best sunrises.

 Have you been to Canada before? if so where is your favourite place to visit and why?

Love & Hugs

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