France & Spain: The Photo Album Day 3: Bilbao, Spain

Aloha Bombshells,

Day three of this series takes us to one of my favourite ports of call on this cruise, that is the beautiful port of Bilbao, Spain. this place was so picturesque right from the moment we stepped off the gangway on to the shuttle bus. The ride in itself was pretty epic we went through a lot of mountainous areas to get there. The main part of town we went to was called Abando, Abando Bilbao is also the home to one of ten Guggenheim museums in the world, this museum holds three of Picasso's original artworks, the museum itself was designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. 

The Guggenheim Museum

Amazing sound walls inside the Guggenheim 

Outside but part of the museum

Maman spider construction in front of the La Sarve Bridge.

Huge topiary cat or dog? you decide

Streets of Spain.

Being late October when I went on this trip, it meant my favourite season fall was in full swing in all the ports but Bilbao was definitely the most spectacular of them all, the tree's running alongside the Nervion River was beautifully full of colour.

Beautiful autumnal trees

Ingelesen Landaka Kaia 

Nervion River

Navigator of the Seas

Navigator of the Seas docked in Getxo - Bilbao, Spain

Dinner onboard at Giovanni's Restaurant.

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  1. When I came to check out your blog and I saw you had been in Bilbao (my hometown) I just had to read and comment!! I'm glad you enjoyed the city! Also, the dog in front of the Guggenheim is called Puppy (although pronounced "poopy" lol), and it's said that he's there to protect its house (the museum). Also, it could be very interesting to know that they change its flowers every season! :D

    1. Thank you, yes i really enjoyed Bilbao and would love to go back again, I'm glad you cleared up the Puppy question for me, that's really interesting to know. :)


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