Review: Zizzi Italian Restaurant - Westquay South.

Aloha Bombshells,

On Wednesday evening my aunt, Nan and I all met up in town to go for my early birthday meal, I'd already suggested that we try somewhere in the new Westquay Watermark, but I hadn't made up my mind where to go, since the last time I had a look around in there more restaurants have opened up, we walked into the main complex to see if anything took our fancy, I took some photos for Instagram but I will do a separate post on that later on because the new structure inside is beautifully decorated and has some lovely architecture in there, it just gives off a completely different vibe to the main Westquay.

We soon came across Zizzi's Italian, we picked our table which was by the window that had a lovely view of the old Southampton walls which I'm excited to see all lit up next month as I missed it the first time they did it, we were then greeted by a lovely waitress who took our drinks order. The restaurant itself has a nautical theme to its decoration which ropes hanging from the ceiling, wooden flooring and a tree with items from ships hung on it.

The service was very quick and efficient we ordered Garlic bread as a sharing dish, that came out on a wooden platter, for my main I then ordered the standard margarita pizza as I love pizza and don't get to eat it much.

All of the lovely food made us rather full so we couldn't eat dessert and opted for some hot drinks instead, after drinking lots of Costa's festive salted caramel cappuccinos at Christmas....... it had to be done,I ordered the cappuccino with the added Salted Caramel syrup, which also came out displayed beautifully on its own little wooden tray and the taste was gorgeous if I'm honest even nicer than Costa's version.

Overall Zizzi's was a really lovely place to dine in, it had great atmosphere and customer service, I love that it had the old fashioned open fire, there are only a couple of things I would say that could have been better, one being the food could have been hotter I love pizza when it's hot and the second would be loose the biscuit with the coffee, we all nearly chipped our teeth on it, apart from that it was a lovely evening.

Have you tried anywhere else in the new westquay watermark that you would recommend? If so let me know.

Love & Hugs

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