France & Spain Cruise: The Photo Album Day 1: Le Havre, France

Aloha Bombshells,

The first in this series of photo album posts take us to our first port of call on this mini cruise, it was beautiful France and the port of Le Havre, we queued up at the ship gangway and got ashore, with it being October i didn't expect tropical weather but didn't think it would be as cold as it was.

After jumping on the shuttle bus into town and being Sunday most of the places around were closed, we were dropped off near to L'hotel de Ville so we walked around the square with lovely water fountains in and you could just see the ship in the far distance.

Once we finished in that area we walked around to find a place to grab a coffee, we eventually found a Mcdonalds that was open, after coffee we headed back to catch the shuttle, then jumped off again at a shopping parade called Docks Vauban where we both had the best tasting Nutella Crepe, I have never had such a great tasting crepe in my life, it was seriously delicious, after eating and some window shopping we hopped back on the shuttle to the ship, just as we were getting off it started to rain and heavy, so we both ran back onboard and started getting ready for the evenings schedule.

Here are the few photos that I took in Le Havre that day, some are screenshots from the vlog footage.
Le Havre was nice but not my favourite of the ports we visited, that would have to be Bilbao, Spain.

Le Havre, Cruise Terminal

Place de L'hotel de Ville

Place General de Goule

Place de L'hotel de Ville

Place de L'hotel de Ville

Place de L'hotel de Ville

Place de L'hotel de Ville

Navigator of the Seas 

Docks Vauban

Have you ever visited Le Havre? Were you on this October 22nd sailing?

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