My Year In Instagram

Aloha Bombshells,

I'm back after a longer than expected break from blogging, I can't believe how quick this year has gone and that we are in the holiday season already. This year I've traveled to different places, attended some incredible events, had a miraculous holiday and got a new job, more on all of that to follow in later posts but here is an update of my year in Instagram.

1) In February of this year, i took a 10 day trip out to Canada in freezing temperatures but the company was even better, including a road-trip to see the Beatlemaniacs.

2) I took a coach trip up to London with the rest of the singing girls to go and see Beautiful: The Carole King Story and what a fabulous show it was.

3) A miracle happened and I was lucky enough to get 6 days away on the Navigator of the Seas in October, where I traveled to Le Havre - France, Bilbao, and Gijon - Spain

4) I got the chance to attend the Royal British Legion, Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, London, which was an experience I will always remember, also the venue that I drank my first cocktail at.

5) Last but not least, last week I took another sightseeing trip to London, it was really nice to see all the Christmas lights but was very much a winters day.

Love & Hugs

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