My New Year Resolutions........2017

Aloha Bombshells,

Resolutions, we all make them at the start of each year, whether it's to eat fewer junk foods or to drink more water, we all make them and I bet half of you reading this stick to them and half fail within the first few weeks, I'm definitely one of the later numbers, much like a new diary really,  I'll use it for January then it just gets lost in the bottom of my bag and not seen again for months.

Here are some of my resolutions that I really want to stick to this year. 

1.) Drink more water - So it may be a small one but it's something I've been doing over Christmas and have felt so much better for it,  drinking water throughout the day and cutting down on the caffeine intake.

2.) Travel  -  I caught the Travel bug last year and it hasn't left me, I've seen more parts of the world this year and want to continue exploring, I already have another trip planned for a few weeks time but I really want to get out and see more of the world this year and hopefully be able to do that with my partner.

3.) Be more organised - Organisation isn't the best of my abilities and not blogging for over a year has made me see that, however, i want to change that and take more control over my life and plan ahead so I don't go into a huge panic if something goes wrong.

3.) Exercise more - I'm not saying join a gym (unless you want to) but even doing a 45 minute to an 1 hour long walk every day will do you the world of good, I feel great after a nice long walk.

4.) Stop worrying - I'm a huge worrywart by nature, I can worry about the tiniest of things and it really doesn't do me any good. My man always says "all the worries you have this year, in 5 years you will have new worries and the past worries will be gone. Life isn't about worrying it's about knowing you will get through whatever challenges you face on and move on." He's usually always right so I'll take his advice on that.

The last thing that's left to say is I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2017.

Do you have any new years resolutions? If you do what are they?

Love & Hugs

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