Canada: The Photo Album: The US & Niagara Falls

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few weeks ago I embarked on my first experience of flying solo from Heathrow, to the beautiful Country of Canada, apart from the odd bit of turbulence during the flight, it was a good experience and something I needed to do, as there are a lot of airports in the near future for me. 

Whilst I was away I visited many amazing places and I can't say that one, in particular, was my favourite because they were all beautiful in their own unique way. Niagara Falls was one of the best places I went to, it has everything from the falls to Clifton Hill a whole street full of attractions to keep you entertained called, the falls themselves have a vibe of their own, it's something you have to physically be there to experience properly, pictures are lovely but not as good as the real thing, you can feel the mist of the falls as your walking past and on the hot day we had it was rather refreshing.

Before I got to Niagara I didn't know there were actually two falls, The U.S Falls and next to them is the Niagara Falls International rainbow bridge (rainbow bridge for short) that connects Canada with Buffalo U.S, and next to that you have the Canadian Falls which is also named the Horseshoe Falls.

The American Falls

The American Falls 

Rainbow Bridge that connects Canada and the United States

The Skylon Tower

Niagara Falls welcome centre

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