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Aloha Bombshells,

After taking a much needed short break from blogging I am back and what better to come back with than one of my favourite posts and that is a life on Instagram, I love Instagram I'm always on it and this post covers some of my favourite highlights from June and July.

1. Back in June, i was finally able to attend my first ever blogger event, I was kindly invited down to Style Council at Festival Place, Basingstoke which brought back memories of the Royal Wedding gig we did there and I really enjoyed it, I met some lovely girls along with fabulous stylist Melissa Murrell.

2. I'm all for inspirational quotes and this one I absolutely love and pretty much sums up life, so it had to come home with me.

3. I decided to add one of Zoe's beauty products to my collection of Zoella products from her new range and I absolutely love the Kissy Missy Lip Balm.

4. After my lovely rose gold purse decided to break on me, I needed to a buy new one, so off to Primark I went and came home with a gorgeous coral one.

5. In July myself and my friend took a trip to Bournemouth for an event and went via Boscombe beach on the way home, it might not have been glorious sunshine but it was very pleasant. 

6. The curled hair came back for my friends Pimms Party and realised how much I miss it like that.

7. I've had Gone Girl sat in my room for ages and finally started reading it back in July and have to say I'm rather liking it so far.

8. Saving the best till last my Canada trip was finally booked in July and I'm so excited I literally can't wait for September to come.

Love & Hugs

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