John Frieda Sheer Blonde First Impressions

Aloha Bombshells,

A couple of weeks ago I picked up the John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo and Conditioner, now don't get me wrong I like my current hair colour as it has a natural ombre look to it but I really miss my proper blonde bombshell days from when I was younger and want to try and get it like that again, as I can't dye my hair this seemed the only available option other than the sun bleaching it of course.

You can see the difference in my hair colour in the above photos and they are only about 6 months apart.

I've been using these products a couple of times a week since I bought them, not daily as it recommends but that's only because I don't like the idea of washing your hair daily because it takes away all the natural oils and it takes forever as I have a lot of it.

These products claim to make your hair go two shades lighter and I have to say I do agree with this, in the short space of time I've been using these products I have seen a big difference in the colour of my hair and I'm really liking it.

I recommend these products to any blondes out there that want to go a shade or two lighter.

Love & Hugs

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