Canary Islands Cruise: The Photo Album Day 7: Vigo, Spain

Aloha Bombshells,

This is the last day in the Canary Islands photo album, which means it takes us to our last port of call on the cruise before heading back to Southampton and that is Vigo, Spain.

Vigo was the port that we did our last shore excursion which took us over the border to Portugal to a beautiful small village, it was like something you see in a movie, we saw the most gorgeous shoes I think I have ever seen in my life. I feel that the weather we had that day didn't bring out the best of the beauty, it really did have some wonderful views especially the view of the old bridge that connected Portugal and Spain.

Holland America ship The Rotterdam followed us around on this holiday from port to port and this was no different but here we were met by the Eurodam, when it came to boarding the ship, we had to go through a security check before going back on board, which we didn't have in any of the other ports.

As we left Vigo there was a group of very entertaining musicians that played to us as we sailed away on our way back to Southampton and I can still remember the huge sound of cheering from everyone onboard that was watching, as we saw 3 crew members  running as fast as they could to catch the ship and they just made it.

If you haven't seen them yet you can catch up with all my holiday vlogs over on my second channel here.

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