Canary Islands Cruise: The Photo Album Day 5: Tenerife

Aloha Bombshells,

Our next port of call was the gorgeous Tenerife, it was one of my favourite places that we visited and also it was the Island with the best weather, I did manage to catch some sun that day. Tenerife was another of the ports that we decided to make our own way around.

After we walking what seemed like a 10 miles from the ship to the centre, we then noticed there were actually free shuttle buses running and we didn't have to walk it, bad part on Royal Carribean there for not telling us about them, as it was a nice day I'm not going to complain, this was the day we got on a what I call a "hopper" tour bus because you can hop on and off as you like, which was great.

Couldn't help but think of Oli White when I saw this.

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