Canary Islands Cruise: The Photo Album: Day 4: The Outfits.

Aloha Bombshells,

When it came down to packing I must have unpacked and repacked my case at least three times trying to thin it out, I thought I had done a pretty good job, that was until it came to unpacking onboard and saw what both my friends had taken in their cases, I then realised I had well and truly overpacked and could have easily done a three week cruise with what I had.

This week I'm showing you a few of the outfits that made it onboard, from casual daytime looks to formal nights.

Dress:  Collection Debenhams

Top: Primark, Blue Floral Jacket: Primark, Jewellery: Avon, Sunglasses: Primark, Bag: Avon

Dress: Hilo Hattie, Hawaii, Wedges: Primark
Dress: Jane Norman, Clutch Bag: Bijou Brigitte (Gran Canaria)

Dress: Paula's Glitz 'n' Glamour
Top: Primark, Skirt: Primark, Shoes: Primark, Sunglasses: Primark, Bag: Avon

Leather Jacket: Outlet Store, Leggings: Primark, Earrings: New Look, Shoes: Primark.

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