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Aloha Bombshells,

The other day whilst in town I took a trip into Superdrug, wasn't really looking to buy anything but I ended up walking out with a bag of goodies from Makeup Revolution and Collection.

Makeup Revolution is my favourite drugstore brand for eyeshadows and blushes I can't fault them and after having the iconic palettes and loving those, I wanted to add something new to my collection.

Say hello to the Beyond Flawless palette filled with 32 beautiful shades, that are just too gorgeous for words, I like that the eyeshadows in this palette have names and that this palette has a big mirror in it which is great to have for future traveling and keeping the makeup down to a minimum.

The next gorgeous palette I picked up from Makeup Revolution is one I have seen lots in the blogging world lately and I have to say it looks gorgeous but was never in stock when I've been in before so I am very pleased to add the Golden Sugar blush & contour palette to my collection I know I'll get lots of use out of this and for £6 it's great value.

Collection is another of those more affordable drugstore brands that I like, I've seen this product used by YouTubers like Amelia Liana and Tanya Burr and it's easy to see why it's beautiful and it is the Little Mix All about the Eyes palette, full of gorgeous shimmery eyeshadows it does come with one of those foam applicators but I rarely use those.

Finally the last thing I picked up was the Work the colour Eyebrow kit, I bet many of you reading this are like me and have a love-hate relationship with the brows, some days they can be great and other days they just don't want to know we've all been there at some stage, so I like to try out new brow products occasionally and the colours in this one don't seem to be quite as dark as the one I am currently using from Makeup Revolution, this one has a mini brow mascara too which is an ideal size for carrying around in your handbag to keep those brows tame throughout the day.

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  1. Wow that Makeup Revolution blush palette looks incredible. Such amazing value too! x

  2. These might have to be the most beautiful palettes I've ever seen! Definitely want to try that Makeup Revolution one!!

    Preeti Grey
    The Lotus Closet


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