I've fallen in Love.......

Aloha Bombshells,

Yes, it's official I have been bitten by the travel bug and fallen in love....... with cruising after spending a fabulous 10 days on board Royal Caribbeans Explorer of the Seas.
How? I hear you ask after just one cruise, the answer my friends is simple I forgot about everything whilst  I was away, this is going to sound really bad but I didn't think about anything or anyone that was back at home but it was just what I needed and of course there are lots of other reasons too and here they are. 

Taken in Gran Canaria

New Destinations.

Yes nothing beats the feeling of being in a new place everyday it's like nothing I've experienced before, I mean going to bed whilst you're cruising along somewhere in the middle of the ocean, with the coast of Africa not too far away is a pretty cool thing in itself, but to then wake up and have a view of Funchal (Madeira) is something completely different and I don't think I will ever forget that.

View out of the window from Deck 11.


Whether it's a day at sea or the rain comes to visit and you can't get out in the sun, there is always something to keep you occupied like quizzes, game shows, karaoke, dance classes, parades, headliner shows and if you girls are anything like me, you'll be in one of the many shops available in the Royal Promenade.

One of the best things you will see at least once on your cruise if not twice depending on how long you go, is an Ice Show out of all the shows I saw on the ship, that is right up there as my favourite and if you're into rock and roll and jiving and are taking a trip on the Explorer before September then make sure  to head on down to the Star Lounge on Deck 5 in the evenings to dance the night away to the fabulous music of the Horizon Band ( you won't be disappointed)

The Horizon Band

Food & Drink

One thing is for sure you won't go hungry or thirsty throughout the day with the Windjammer open all day give or take an hour in the afternoons, then with your 3 course dinner in the evening, as well as the snacks you can get in the little coffee shop which is open 24 hours, many a nights I would end up in there for a coffee or two after the live band had finished, there lots of other various bars and eating places you can go to and eat in for an extra small cost, they also keep you well stocked up on drink in your stateroom fridge but  be careful they charge you as soon as you take anything out.


Internet is a big part of all our lives now and for some of us we just can't live without it so be happy you can get it on the ships for a cost, you can buy in bundles or just use it as and when, I can't really say much on how fast it is as I didn't bother with it but it's there if you want it.

Overall it was an amazing experience and the best thing for me was being able to share it with my two best friends which made it even better, if you haven't cruised before and maybe thinking about it, I recommend you do it, it's one of those Marmite situations you'll either love it or you'll hate it but if you don't try you'll never know, as we were on the first cruise after it came out of dry dock there were a few things that went wrong but nothing too major that we could see.

Love & Hugs

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