Canary Islands Cruise: The Photo Album Day 3: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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Day 3 of the photo album takes us to Gran Canaria or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, this was one of my favourite places it was beautiful and the most picturesque of them all, it was also the best shore excursion out of the three we did, first going to a vineyard in Agaete where we did a lot of taste testing of different wines one of which ended up coming back with us, that was then followed by a trip to a small village for some free time to do some shopping.

I couldn't get over the difference in the weather conditions between one place and the next, one minute it's overcast and rainy the next your in glorious sunshine within a short bus ride, I have to say our tour guide was very funny and our coach driver was brilliant I've never seen a coach get around such tight corners and bends as we did that day without falling over the edge.

Gran Canaria was also one of the ports that we were docked in for more than 4 hours which meant after the shore excursion and dropping things off on the ship, I got some free time on my own to do some shopping in the big shopping centre, which was a 5 minute walk from the ship if that, this is also the first port that we met the Holland America Rotterdam Ship that followed us around for the next few days.

La Laja Farm
At Bodegas Los Berrazales Winery with the Tamabada Cliffs behind me.

Tamadaba Cliffs
Bodegas Los Berrazales

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