Canary Islands Cruise: The Photo Album Day 2 - Funchai (Madeira)

Aloha Bombshells,

Funchal (Madeira) was the first of the Islands that we hit, I'll admit it was very nice and certainly different to anywhere I have been before, but it wasn't my favourite of the Islands we visited, it is home to the Purple Jacaranda tree which is beautiful and really stood out when you were looking from the ship.

Madeira is also the home of the Toboggan basket ride which I'll admit wasn't as spine chilling as I thought it would be but still very good and a great experience and the home of the Cable car with stunning views of the island.

Monte Palace Tropical Gardens

Inside the Nossa Senhora de Monte Church

Inside the Nossa Senhora de Monte Church

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  1. Such beautiful photos! Looks like you're having an amazing trip :)

    Shannon xo |

    1. Thank you and yes it was an amazing trip :)


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