Trip down Memory Lane......The 1990s

Aloha Bombshells,

1990's what a great era, I'm sure many of you 90's babies like me, will agree it gave us many weird and wonderful crazes like Crazy Bones, and Scoobie Strings which originally started back in the 1950's, do you remember those or anything else? but aside from the weird craze and fashion sense you gave us some great music, and lately I have been reliving my childhood and hitting up some of those good ole' tunes, that I used to sing along to in my bedroom well back in the day, when all I had was a hairbrush as mic or is that just me?

Today I wanted to share with you some of the good ole' favourites that were well and truly loved, feel free to put yours in the comments below because I'd love to know what you listened to back then, along with any other weird crazes you might remember.

Barbie Girl - Aqua 1997

I'm not sure why but this was the first song that popped into my head and to be honest I have no idea why as I can't remember liking it that much (am I alone on that?) but after listening to it again I now know why, as it has that proper 90's (cheesy) sound to it.

Wannabe - Spice Girls 1996

If I'm honest I never really jumped on the whole Spice Girls bandwagon, but I do remember hearing this tune a lot throughout my childhood, whether it was school discos or parties or if you could get it back then on the old brick phones it was somebody's ringtone or a version as close to it you could get, who else remembers the weird ringtones on the mobiles?

Witch Doctor - Cartoons 1998

This is another one of those heard a lot of tunes and another one of those what I like to call cheesy tunes of the 90s but it was so catchy and I can still remember it even to this day.

Reach - S Club 7 2000

This is a sneaky one really as it was recorded in 1999 it wasn't actually released until 2000 but I couldn't leave it out as it's another one of those school disco classics.

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