Posting Schedule 2015

Aloha Bombshells, 

The creative juices and productivity (if that's even a word) flow has been well and truly flowing for me since the start of the year, i've got a diary which i'm actually using on a regaular basis instead of being chucked away in a draw, after the first week of january has gone, full of blogposts and videos that i have planned out.

In the history of my blog i don't think i have ever planned out so many blogposts, i've got 8 weeks worth of content and ideas planned down to the day just waiting to be written and scheduled ready to go and i have to say i'm really pleased with myself for doing that.  

I wanted to wait a few weeks before putting this post out as i wanted to get used to my new schedule first, it's not changed dramatically but before i'd be lucky if i got 1 post out a week but now i'm doing 4 a week. 

I am now posting on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday as well as my usual weekly main channel video on a Sunday. 

I just hope i can stick to this from now.

Love & Hugs

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