Music & Stars of the Golden Yesteryears: The Beatles

Aloha Bombshells,

The inspiration for this weeks post in this series came from watching the Birth of the Beatles film the other day, did anyone else see it? I know this group don't go back as far as the days of Glenn Miller but unlike Glenns music unless you're big time into it, I think even if you are a 90s kid like me or a 00s kid you will have heard the Beatles work at some point in your life growing up, possibly more than Glenn Millers, it's not until the last few years i've noticed how much music has changed over the years.

I admit I am a bit of an oldie at heart and as much as I enjoy listening to artists like Paloma Faith, and Beyonce music will never be as good as it was in the old days but that's just my opinion, I love the Beatles music it's great for dancing to and it will be around for years to come, here's a couple I love.

I saw her standing there. - if you're a keen jiver you'll love this one. 

Help - I always think of the Jolly Boys Outing when I hear this song.

Please Mr Postman

Love & Hugs.

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