Anton & Erin - That's Entertainment 2015 Review

Aloha Bombshells,

On Sunday evening my dad and I headed down to Bournemouth as we were lucky enough to get the chance to go and see That's Entertainment at the Bournemouth Pavilion, a show full song and dance from Strictly Come Dancings favourite couple Anton du Beke and Erin Boag who have been dance partners for 19 years with amazing vocals from Lance Ellington.

This was a truly fabulous show with music and classic hit's like Make em' laugh (and it did), Steppin' out with my baby and lots more which was supplied by the brilliant 25 piece London Concert Orchestra lead by Richard Balcombe which was incredible and really got your feet tapping, the outfits were breathtaking I mean you couldn't see Erin and the other dancers for the sparkling sequins and diamonds on their dresses but it was incredible, it's a shame I couldn't take any pictures to show you how stunning the dresses were.

The dancing was effortless and beautiful I really can't put into words how good it was so here is a clip from youtube one of my favourite dances on strictly by Anton and Erin even this doesn't really showcase how fabulous they were on Sunday. 

I loved that they did a little Q & A session with the audience but one thing I have learnt is never to yawn whilst sat in the front row or look at your watch when Anton is less than 4 feet away from you as you'll get picked on but it's all good fun and made it an even more enjoyable evening.

If you love dancing and watch strictly i seriously recommend that you look up and see if it's coming to a venue near you and go as it's a one night only event and should be seen even my dad who is not really into dancing and has never watched strictly in his life said he really enjoyed it, there are plenty more dates which you can see here if you look at the downloadable flyer and the tour ends on Sunday 29th March I might even book up to go and see it at the Mayflower again as I enjoyed it so much. 

Have you seen this show yet, if you have what did you think? 

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