10 Post Ideas for when Writers Block Hits

Aloha Bombshells,

Have you ever opened up your laptop ready to write up a post and ended up sitting there staring at a blank screen for ages? Yes, you reading this you've had it before haven't you? the good old writers block, when you're lacking inspiration, we've all been there at some point, I know I have many times and it's hard especially if Facebook and twitter aren't far away it's easy to get distracted, so today I have a few ideas for you that might just help you when that happens and if you're lucky enough not to have had it yet, you will at some point.

Tags - ok so probably the most obvious one out there, I don't use them as often now but they are great as a gap filler if you can't get anything else up and don't want to leave your blog without a post.

Of the Day - from outfits, nails to make up these are simple and easy.

Recipes - whether it be how to make your favourite cake, meal or drink we all love a good recipe idea.

Reviews -  I'm sure we've all got products or books hiding away at the back of drawers or cupboards why not put them to good use and review them you never know you might discover an old favourite or even a new one. 

Picture Posts -  These are great to do and with Instagram out there now, why not pick a few of your favourite snaps from your day, week or even month and put them in a post, you don't even have to put words with them if you don't want to.

Music - Are there any songs that you just can't stop listening to at the moment, then put up a playlist post of your current favourites or your all time favourites and if there's a story behind why you love it then why not share it.

Collection Posts -  whether it be your Bags, Shoes or Makeup lots of people love these and I quite often get a few storage tips from these myself. 

From the Archives - I'm sure we have all got those golden oldie posts from when we first started out when the photography is a bit on the sad side, the writing doesn't quite read the way you want it to, I know i have got a fair few of those, you can always re-do them, you might even have a different view on it now.

Wishlists - If you're anything like me and you are always shopping around on the web and something catches your eye, it then goes on your wish list. I personally love these posts as I will quite often find something that I then want to add to mine and then goes the big dent in the bank account. 

Hauls - If you've been in the words of Amelia Liana  #Feelinspendy and bought some nice things lately then share them we all love a good haul post.

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  1. Great post- I have a box of unopened products for emergency reviews if I don't have a post planned already for that day of the week x
    Laura | A Life With Frills 


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