Music & Stars of the Golden Yesteryears: Glenn Miller

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Today in the spotlight we have one of my all time favourite big band leaders ever the wonderful Glenn Miller born Alton Glenn Miller on March 11904 he wrote some fabulous music and if you saw the Glenn Miller Story over Christmas you'll know a little bit about him already if you haven't seen that then go and check it out, I've seen it stacks of times but will never get bored of watching it.

I've grown up with Glenn's music being friends with some great musicians around in those days as well as singing with a big band, it's legendary and although he's not around anymore after he went MIA on 15th December 1944, the music is still as strong today as it was back then, I remember a line from the film that goes something like "you know how Glenn's music was something different, something unique and the kids will be dancing to it for years"
and it's true they are, heck I do whenever I can there's nothing better than a good jive to In the Mood or Little Brown Jug. 

Each band has its own sound, it's own arrangements and you can listen to 3 versions of the same song by different bands and they will all be different in their own unique way which is what he did.

It's a lot harder for me to pick my favourite tunes of Glenn Miller than it is for anyone another artist I know as there are so many that I love to pick a few would be

Moonlight Serenade - such a beautiful tune it's a lovely vocal to sing but there's just something about the instrumental so different from today's.

I know why - A vocal version but beautiful. 

Lastly, we have In The Mood the most played tune ever of the 1940s 

if this has tempted you to the big band era more or even to Glenn Miller you can still hear the music of Glenn today played by the John Miller Orchestra the only band to have a direct blood link to Glenn Miller although I have to say in my opinion never as good as the real deal.

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