BLOGMAS DAY 29 | Roundup of the #BigBlogmasproject2014

Aloha Guys and Dolls,

Taking part in the #BigBlogmasproject 2014 in my first year of blogging was always going to be a challenge for me, I mean I'm just starting to get my normal blogging schedule sorted, but daily blogging with the topics there ready in front of you, can't be that hard really can it.

Having the topics all planned out ready to go was great, as that's sometimes a thing I struggle with and there were some fab ones a few I admittedly found a bit harder than others, hence a few days missed.

I now take my hat off to all the daily bloggers out there because I've realised just how time-consuming it all is, to get it all sorted ready to go day after day, I enjoy a challenge as much as the next person but I did take on to much committing to doing vlogmas and blogmas at the same time, which means I failed a few days on both parts due to a busy gig schedule to, I also could have been slightly more organised and friendly with the schedule button and planned more in advance, what I did manage to get done I enjoyed doing and I know better for next years challenge now.

Love & Hugs

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  1. Well done, you've done really well :) Blogmas is a tough one especially if you were doing vlogmas too! Xx


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