Months Most Loved Posts #3 November

Aloha Bombshells,

November is nearly over which means Christmas is even closer, this month has flown by for me but has been fairly quiet until this week, which has meant plenty of time to get in some reading of my favourite blogs and there are quite a few posts I've loved this month. 

1.) Essie Winter 2015 - British Beauty Blogger
2.) London Quirks - Missing Boyfriend - Life as a Petite  
3.) Blogging Tips | Don't make these 7 common blogging mistakes - Not Dressed as Lamb
4.) It's the most wonderful time of the year - Carrie Brighton
5.) My Party Dress picks - A Little Obsessed
6.) When you don't think you've got any ideas - From Roses
7.) 10 Tips to improve your blog - Cappuccino and Fashion
8.) The 20s crowd - Daisy Butter
9.) Making the most out of Twitter - Colours and Carousels
10.) 5 things to do for your blog before the end of  2014 - Jenny Purr 
11.) 50 of my favourite TV shows from the past - A Yellow Brick Blog
12.) 5 things: glitter polishes I love - Ghost Parties
13.) Go red or go home - Cole of the Ball
14.) The Blogpost Checklist - Skinned Cartree
15.) HTML: Cheat sheet for blogger - Sweet Electric

Love & Hugs

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