Months Most Loved Posts #2 October

Aloha Bombshells,

I can't believe another month is over and Christmas is now only a matter of weeks away, so today I have the next selection of my favourite reads over last month.

1.) iPhone Photography - Unstitched
2.) Autumn Lips - Jenems
3.) Marks & Spencer 1960s Vintage Revival - Kate Beavis
4.) Desk Essentials Haul - Aleelily
5.) Apps & websites to help keep your business or blog stay organised - Private Life of a Girl
6.)  The Sunday Sessions - Annie Writes Beauty
7.) What I Saw: The Tower of London Remembers - Excuse me for a while
8.) How many notebooks does a blogger really need - Through The Mirror
9.) 50 ideas for a blog post - The College Prepster 
10.) 5 ways to keep your chin up during the winter months - Cider With Rosie

Love & Hugs

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