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Aloha Bombshells,

For a long time I have been a Makeup Academy girl, but after finally finding a store near me that stocks Make-Up Revolution, the brand that everyone has been raving about with their own dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I just couldn't leave without buying a few little bits and I have now converted to the Makeup Revolution side. 

This lipstick is from the Vamp collection and is one of my current favourites that I have been wearing nearly every day since I got it, although the same price as the MUA ones, the pigmentation in these is amazing compared to MUA, I mean one coat of this looks fab and your good to go whereas with the MUA if I'm honest it took 2 - 3  to get a decent colour, it lasts a really long time, it may occasionally need a touch up after eating but that's it.

The packaging on this just looks so much more professional for the price and I love how you can find it easier when your looking for it because the product colour is in the lid, which also means you don't have to store it upside down either an added bonus there, with it being all about the berry and plums at the moment, it makes a great lip colour for this Autumn.

Overall an amazing product and I can't wait to go and buy some more to add to my collection.

What's your favourite Make-Up Revolution product?

Love & Hugs

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  1. This colour is beautiful :)

    Serene xoxo

  2. This looks gorgeous, reminds me of MAC's Rebel slightly! xxx

    Ami | perksofbeingami

  3. I really need to pick this lipstick up, I love the colour and it's so affordable! :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  4. Such good value for money, definitely a lipstick that I need to consider buying! xx

    Rhiannon Talks - Fashion Blog


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