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Aloha Bombshells,

A couple of months ago I was in need of some new make-up brushes and I'd seen a post on these ones, after looking on the website and deciding between getting the pink or the purple, I was really excited when the pink set arrived in the post and couldn't wait to use them, I don't use the pink case they came in, so that's put away until I need it for travelling or something.

These brushes for the price which was £9.99 at the time I think do pretty good job, I use every brush in the set and really like them except one, they are really soft and don't shed when you wash them although saying that the only one I don't use at all is the Foundation brush, and is the only one that holds me back from giving these an excellent review as that brush sheds like there's no tomorrow and I have tried it on a couple of occasions to see if it's going to work but I have found it to be unusable, don't get me wrong I know there may be a little shedding at first as they are new but not that much.

Overall if you're just starting out they really aren't a bad little set to get, if you can't afford the Real Techniques brushes, I would just say get a different foundation brush but that shedding might just have happened to me. 

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  1. They are so so cute and girly, and the price is great for so many :)


  2. wow they look so beautiful :)


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