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Aloha Bombshells,

On Friday 26th September people all across the world came together in front rooms, work offices or church halls with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues in support of Macmillan cancer care, which if you are unfamiliar with this cause it helps to fund the Macmillan nurses that look after and support the families of those affected by cancer, the cause has raised over £113 million since it started in 1990.

I was at 2 coffee mornings that day,  first at a local church where I met up with my friend to do some filming and get some photos of her Mellowtones group that were singing in the style of a flashmob. 

It was a lovely atmosphere and decorated beautifully the flower arrangements on the tables really stood out along with the handmade bunting that was up. The cakes that were on offer looked gorgeous and I can only imagine they tasted as good as they looked. Special recipes had been put out that you could buy for 20p, there was a raffle with some lovely prizes, they raised a grand total of £488 that morning.

The second was outside a solicitor's along with the rest of the Four Seasons Singers, where we were singing outside for their coffee morning, the solicitors raised a grand total of £268 at theirs.

The Macmillan Coffee Morning video will be up later today.

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