What's in my Handbag Essentials/ Emergency Kit.

Aloha Bombshells,

As you are reading this post I am doing the Marie Curie 10k walk in Beaulieu with a fab bunch of people and some of the contents of this post, might just come in handy on such an occasion.

You know the feeling when you get a new bag and you make the vow to yourself to keep everything more tidy and organised than before each bag before and well it just doesn't happen for me anyway, however this time around I have managed to keep it pretty organised so far and this little "Essentials/ Emergency kit" it's now called has been one of the main reasons it's stayed rather presentable inside, as all these things I used to put in the few odd pockets that were available if you were lucky, but usually I'd forget that I had put them there and I would add more and when it came to cleaning out my bag, I'd find mountains of bobby pins, hair ties, pens along various other items that had somehow managed to find their way to the deepest depths of the Davy Jones locker at the bottom of your bag.

The bag I use for this is a clear plastic cosmetics bag from Superdrug, I first bought it with the intention of using it as my makeup bag, that I would carry around with me daily but it didn't actually fit everything in it, that's when this idea came up, although it's the smallest size i think of the set of 3, which I will be purchasing at some point in the near future as see-through bags are so much better as you can see what you want without having to take everything out to get to that one item you're after.

The items that are actually in this kit are 

Antibacterial Gel - I now carry 2 around as I found one that will clip on to my keys.

Hand cream - you have to keep those hands moisturised.

Hairspray - this is an absolute essential for me, with my pin-curl that I now wear on a 
daily basis, to keep everything smooth and sleek, especially if I'm wearing sunglasses and taking them on and off, that can ruin the nice sleekness at the sides sometimes.

Perfume - This just happens to be a little sample of something that I was sent.

Hairbrush - handy for tidying up throughout the day or if you like me and get an unexpected sleepover at a friend on the odd occasion.

Mirror - just a handy little compact that I got from Poundland I think.
Manicure Set - this is a bit annoying to have loose but the case it was originally in was too big.
Nail files - you never know when you might need one, these have only recently made it in there, I was helping my friend dismantle his drums after a gig and broke a nail and until you can file it down it's always annoying.
Hair ties - if you're anything like me, they can break very easily so it's always best to carry extra's or again if an unexpected invite out crops up and you want to something a little different with your hair.
Bobby Pins- I can't remember where I saw the tip about the empty tic -tac packets but it works and is much better than having them loose. 

Plasters - I love my heels but sometimes they don't always love you back, right girls
Safety Pins - You don't want that wardrobe malfunction happening again.
Stain Removing Wipes - Not actually used these yet but I thought they would be a handy thing to have with me in case.
Finally - Extra memory cards, not needed the extra memory so far but you never know now that I'm getting into daily vlogging they could come in handy.

                                                         Love & Hugs 

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