Weekend Haul Pt 1 Stationery

Aloha Bombshells,

I had a big spend up at the weekend but because of what I bought I'm going to split it into 2 different posts, so this is the Stationary side of it and all things shown in this post I got in the 99p store and part 2 will be the Beauty side of what I got which I really excited about, but you'll have to wait till next week for that.

2015 Diaries
Now that I am trying to get more organised with my life, I needed a few things to help that along, when I caught these two items from the corner of my eye, I thought why not get them early,  I picked up 2 diaries for next year (yes i know 2015) but I have dates coming in already so they are needed, I picked up a lovely Lilac one to keep at home in my office and a smaller blue one to keep it my handbag. 

Coloured Pens
There are 2 reasons I got these 1.) Dad moans I keep taking his, 2.) I want to start colour coding everything like my Youtube, blog, gigs etc now.

I got this as I wanted a new one specifically for my blog and youtube as a lot of the ones I currently have are old and full of other things that aren't blogging related and I just wanted one to keep all of that stuff separate.

Camera Case.
I have been after a hard case for my camera for a month or so now, as the shutter plays up on it, I thought it may be where it's in my bag and it's not really protected it may have been getting bashed about in there, so at least now the if it's in a hard case it's better protected and might not play up so much.

Love & Hugs

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