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Aloha Bombshells,

Today I am sharing with you just a few of my favourite items from my Jewellery collection, and just to warn you there are quite a few here so this may be a long post so if you want to grab a cuppa and sit comfortably. 

This first piece I absolutely adore it has more sentimental value to it than anything else, it was bought for me by a very close friend of mine and I went through a stage where I was wearing it daily for a good year maybe even longer, I always got lovely comments about it as it stands out rather a lot especially if there's light shining on it and I'm not usually a green person but this piece was an exception, I don't wear it much now as it's in a very delicate condition because some of the stones have fallen out and I haven't had chance to see if it's able to be repaired yet and it's one that I could never part with.

This next piece again I love and don't wear it often as it's again a special one to me, it is a bracelet a bit more chunky that I would usually wear I don't know where it's from, it goes very well with my leopard print skirt and heels that I have and sparkles fabulously in the sun, I actually wore it on my first ever photoshoot, I love the detailing on it.

This next necklace is one that has been passed down to me, you know that song "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" they are definitely mine and this necklace is no different, I only really wear this on gigs or special occasions as I think it's too much for daytime wearing but again looks fabulous in the sunlight or under spotlights and really does make you feel a million dollars.

These earrings are amazing and look fabulous on although if I'm honest I only really wear these at one time of the year and that is around Christmas time ( Yes I said it Christmas) it's slowly sneaking up on us so these will be coming out very soon, they are very versatile, I can put them with nearly any outfit but mostly I use them on the Christmas gigs but they do look cracking with a little red dress. 

I am a huge music lover and you will very rarely see me without this little gem it's my treble clef brooch, it adds a touch of sparkle to any outfit I'm wearing. The last piece is really only worn at one point of the year and that's November for Remembrance day but I'm not ashamed to admit that I will wear this at any time of year, like I did for the D-Day commemorations back in July and Armed Forces Day and few weeks before that, both of these are worn with pride, there you have it all my favourite pieces of jewellery from my collection.  

Love & Hugs

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  1. I love the earrings and the diamond necklace is so pretty too!

  2. These are stunning x


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