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Aloha Bombshells,

Last Saturday I did my first ever walk for charity and it was the Marie Curie Walk 10 at Beaulieu although I wasn't on my own I had a couple of members from the singers with me, we were very lucky to have some great weather, as it had rained the previous night and again the day after when we had the end of the hurricane that is sweeping across the country.

As we all thought the walk started at 5 30 instead of 6 30, we met up early around 4ish in case of a big backlog of traffic trying to get there, but we needn't have bothered with that, as we were the only ones there until it was getting on for 6, however we were entertained for a while by the Rock Choir and their very lively and bubbly leader as we caught them rehearsing, before we finally started walking at 6 30 and boy were we glad to start, we were warmed up by doing some Zumba which I didn't know was on the agenda and even for me I found it rather difficult to keep up with but one of our girls is a Zumba pro and we let her do enough for all of us (Sorry Maggie :)).

We all stood at the starting line and then set off to the sound of the Rock Choir singing "What have you done today to make you feel Proud" and that one line, keeps repeating in your head like a scratched record, once we started we weren't moving that fast as we were packed together like a tin of sardines if I'm honest, and we stayed like it for a good 20 mins half an hour, then we saw a gap and myself and Maggie decided to do some overtaking to the fast lane from the hard shoulder as we called it.

The route in which the walk took us was very pretty, going to all the parts that you can't usually access on a daily basis, I took a few instagram shots along the way, especially when we were going over a hill and all you could see was this river of yellow, for the amount of rain we had the previous night, the ground wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, there were the odd puddles but nothing too major.

Finally the finish line was in sight just under 2 hours later,we were cheered as we crossed the line, and the meeting ground was a very lovely sight to see, there were lights going the whole way round, flame throwers and some lovely music from a man and his guitar, it's hard to describe it just had a lovely welcoming feel to it and it wasn't too cold or to hot, we chilled on the grass for a while before returning home pleased that we had managed to complete it without having to bail out halfway.

Overall it wasn't a bad evening the only things that let it down for us was a lack of communication, we didn't really know who to go with any queries, luckily my dad was on hand to take everyone back to their cars, otherwise they would have been a bit stuck, as we were led to believe it all ended up somewhere else, so the others left their cars nearer that destination and not the one it was all happening at.

Love & Hugs

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  1. Just saw your interview on Jess's page! great job girl! Your blog is lovely your such a great person working for a worthy cause :)

    Jennos Health.


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