Keep Calm.........It's just a little Beauty Haul

Aloha  Bombshells,

Last week I was feeling a little out of sorts, so to cheer myself up i decided to head to the shops (I hope I'm not the only one who does this) and ended up splashing my cash out on more than I had originally planned to and thought I'd share with you lovely people, the products that I ended up coming home with.

The initial thing I was looking for was Stockings with the line at the back as I was going all 1940s at the weekend, I searched everywhere for them, Superdrug, Boots, even Pebbles in Hythe and they didn't have any, they could have ordered them in for me, but that wasn't very helpful as I wanted them for Lepe weekend. then I found some, that wasn't exactly what I was after, in one the least likely places to find them a charity shop and a real bargain at only £1 a pair and they were brand new too, I also found a lovely belt that when is done up has a butterfly on it, so I was very happy about that.

Then i hit Superdrug, because I wanted a mini can of hairspray to have in my beauty bag for the weekend but it was so windy the curls I had put in my hair on Saturday had blown out within an hour of being there as the wind was so strong and I needed some nail files to so I picked up some cheap nail files although I actually think I got those in Tesco later that day.

 Here's when the serious shopping began, I saw the MUA stand and after watching Katherine Jenkins makeup tutorial here, I picked up quite a few tips on perfecting a red lip and finding the right shade, so it's really down to Katherine I spent so much but it was worth it, so thanks Katherine :). 

Looking at the stand full of make-up products in front of me, I went straight to the Lipsticks and found there were two shades of Red that I admit does look the same but there is a difference in the colour, I picked up Shade 13 and Scarlet Siren Matte.

Shade 13                             Scarlet Siren
I then realised that my collection of Red Nail Varnish was rather small too and they had some great colours there and on a 3 for 2 offer so I couldn't miss out on that either, I picked up Fever Red, Red Rose and Bright Coral which is more pink than red.

I picked up 4 more products a Bronzer in Shade 2 as the one I am currently using is quite shimmery, I wanted one that was matte and slightly darker for contouring, and I love the packaging on these as you can see the colour of the product, which makes it easier when searching for them, I got a white eyeliner in Snow White and eyebrow pencil in blonde with a brush attached at the other end and lastly as a Lip Liner in Pink Me Up

Love & Hugs

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  1. Love MUA make up - not too keen on the nail polishes, probably because I've had bad experiences with them. Fab haul xx

    Who is She


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