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Aloha Bombshells,

I am very excited about this new purchase of mine, which is from Avon and it's called the Brinkley Bag but it's not available to customers yet folks,  I've been on the hunt for a new bag for a little while now and when I saw this, I knew it was the one for me, I love the Celine bags but not the price tags, so this was a brilliant find I thought and to good not to share with you lovely people, it's a lot bigger than I expected it to be but that's a good thing, as I found out last night my music folder for rehearsals fits in it and my laptop will fit in it too, which now means I can write, edit & upload on the go now. (as long as I can get internet access)

I love the colours of this as it will be great for the summer and will do the autumn and winter perfectly as it was actually from the upcoming A/W range, but really an all year round bag, it can either be carried on your elbow or on your shoulder as it has a detachable strap, plenty of room inside as it's very deep, with a zipped pocket and a phone pocket inside along with an external zipped pocket too, as you can see from the pic below it will hold a fair bit.

Love & Hugs

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  1. Hi would you say this was a good bag as I am thinking of purchasing for college. Would you say it is too big to carry everyday? Could you send me more pics of different angle more of inside please won't by something unless I am completely sure. :)

    1. Hi Gillian,

      I use mine daily as it can hold a lot, i'm not sure how much you carry for college but i can fit my laptop in it along with the usual stuff you carry and my music folder fits in it to, but will get some pics done for you. :)


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