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Aloha Bombshells,

On Sunday just gone, I went to one of my favourite 1940s events, I always look forward to when this comes around and this was my 4th year running of going, the event was held at the Mid-Hants Railway which if you didn't know is better known as the Watercress Line, with Alton and one end of the line and Alresford the other.

Normally we park at Alresford as that is one of the main stations where things happen, but for a change, we went to Alton, and passed Churchill in his car on the way down and got a wave from him.

Once we had sorted out the parking issues and got our tickets, and National Identity Cards we went to go and grab a drink from the platform gift shop whilst waiting for our train to arrive which was a very lovely engine and a beautiful sight to see but the smoke was a bit too much for me.

Getting on the train was like going back in time, it's interior, the seat covers and slam doors and most of all the peace and quiet, it was lovely just to sit there, and hear the train going along the track and the blowing of the whistle at the whistle stop.

Watch the Birdie

We spent the majority of the day at Alresford watching the dance troop Company B, who is always fabulous at what they do, but kind of regret that a little now as on the train coming back I saw there was a big band playing on the grass and if you know me, I love my big bands.

Whilst the dance troop were having a break we were entertained by a lovely singer who had a very classical sounding voice and she sang some lovely songs but in my opinion, her backing tracks did her no justice at all, but all the same pleasant to listen to.

We stopped and had lunch at the buffet on the platform, which was very scrummy, I had a jacket potato with cheese and beans and a hot chocolate which wasn't as good as the one I had at Alton.

What I love about the old times, is you had entertainment on trains, and that's exactly what we got on the way back, Blitz and Pieces from the local ENSA  which some of you may not know means Every Night Something Awful entertained with the good ole'songs like Lambeth Walk and Run, Rabbit, but they really weren't that bad.

Plenty of vehicles were on display at Alresford, there was even a visit from Churchill and Montgomery

I know today's post was rather lengthy but I hope you enjoyed it anyway, my vlog for this day will be up on Sunday so keep an eye out for that, to see all pictures from the day you can view them by clicking here.

Love & Hugs

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