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Aloha Bombshells,

As you all probably know by now, I am a big fan of the 1940s, so it really was no surprise that I found myself at the All Saints Church, Dibden today, for the first ever fete held there which just happened to have a 1940s theme and we couldn't have had better weather for it either.

I actually got there a little earlier than it was supposed to open to the public but was welcomed in with open arms by a lovely women dressed as a land girl, so before I went and sussed where everything was going on, my eyes came to look upon a lovely cross of Poppies that had been planted by The Four Seasons Singers, then I was spotted by a lovely photographer who wanted my picture, who continued to pap me and various others throughout the day.

There were lots available to feast your eyes upon with vintage cars two of which were used in Midsomer Murders, various stalls which consisted of Shove Ha'penny, Horseshoe Throwing, Hythe Army Cadets, and many more also  live music from New Forest Brass who played the best they could as they always do, Hythe Ukulele Group that sang some very happy tunes that had people tapping away with their feet and singing along and the St Andrews Concert Band who's Glenn Miller music sounded nothing like it should have at all and the two singers weren't much to go by either and a re-enactment of when the church was bombed, that was a very loud, moving, and smokey moment I can tell you.

Inside the church itself, there were organ recitals along with a slide show of how All Saints Church, had a joyful Resurrection after the bombings, with a few other displays of the old money of the time like the Farthings, Half Pennies, Shillings etc.

The above two cars both appeared in the Midsomer Murders programme and still in working order and racing today.

I know today's post is short but if you want to see more photos they will be on my blog facebook page here. 

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