20 Things I want to do this Summer

Aloha Bombshells,

The idea for this post has really come from watching Alfie's ( Pointless Blog) latest video and I thought it was a really good idea, and wanted to do it to, because it makes you get outside and do something different instead of just lounging around the house all day which, is good some days but I'd rather be outside.

I love the idea of documenting them in a little book so you can look back over them, I don't a have little Instagram picture printer thing but I will document them another way, and be putting them on my Instagram & Tumblr with the #RetroBombshellsSummer.

My 20 things are:

1. Eat an ice-cream - this may be an odd one but I  very rarely do this. 
2. Spend a day at Bournemouth Beach 
3. Visit the Isle of Wight Zoo
4. Meetup with my old school friends.
5. Do the Marie Curie Walk
6. Go to Netley Marsh Steam Fair
7. Visit my friends in London - this hasn't happened for 5 or more years.
8. Eat healthier 
9. Walk in the forest
10. Get some great outdoor photoshoots done
11. Have one of those drinks with Ice-cream and Lemonade 
12. Try & go sailing for weekend
13.  Get driving lessons
14. Get a new Passport
15. Have a weekend away
16. Go to Twinwood Festival
17. See the Jive Aces live
18. Go Bike Riding 
19. Go to Brighton for the day
20. Go to Portsmouth/Southsea for the day.

Are you going to do this? if you are then let me know.

Love & Hugs

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