My 2014 Wishlist

Aloha Bombshells,

TIday i have a post for you which is new to me, i haven't done one of these yet, so this is my wishlist of my top 5 items that i hope to have purchased by the end of the year.

1.) Downtown Dame Dress - I first saw this dress in a youtube video from Viva las Vegas on the wonderfully talented Imelda May who if you saw my style inspirations post will know she is one of them and i fell in love with it straight away and thought that is definitely something that i would love to own so is at the top of my list.

2.) The Naked Palettes - i am sure most of you are  familiar with these, i see them in lots of posts and videos and they are something that i have been wanting to try ever since i first saw them but they are high-end which means high prices.

3.) Curling Wand -  I have been wanting a better curling wand for a long time now, mine is one of the old ones i've had it about 6 years.

4.) Ipad Mini 2 - I've just had my eye on the ipad for ages they look so simple and sleek and are handbag friendly to.

5.) Tanya Burr Lips and Nails - I love Tanya she is one of my favourite youtubers and who inspired me to start my youtube channel and was so pleased when i heard she had her own line coming out.

Love & Hugs 

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  1. Ooh great wish list I'll have what your having! ;) I really want a Naked pallet think I'm going to go for the second one it has such a varied shade range can't wait to create some looks

  2. I really really want to try the Tanya burr lips and nails!!!! Also, I did the Very inspiring blogger award you tagged me in, thank you so much, it was fun! :)


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