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Hi Beauties,

So as I was flicking through my Company mag the other night which happens to be one of my favourites, something interesting caught my eye in the Beauty Five section, I could just be about to give you some old history or it may be new  to you, but this was in at number 2 of the 5, I had no idea of this at all until I read it, and it's supposed to be quite a trend and has been going on for many years apparently.

In case you are the same as me and have no idea about this, it's basically ditching your shampoo and washing with just the conditioner hence the term "Co-Washing" and the people who have tried it have said "it makes hair, softer, shinier and better behaved than washing with shampoo" 

I didn't know this either but there are some co-wash cleansing conditioners out there to that "clean your hair, without stripping it or leaving it lank and greasy", but I have to say all though I look in all the different drugstores, I have never seen one of these anywhere, the products that company show, are rather pricey I would say at £20 + a bottle apart from 2 which are the Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Co-wash conditioner at £5.99 here and Mizani True Textures Co-wash at £9.95 here

I have decided to give this a whirl myself and ditch my shampoo as washing my hair is quite a task as I have a lot of hair, but  I am absolutely loving my L'Oreal shampoo at the moment so I will miss it, for  the 3 weeks but I really want to see if it does do as good a job, that people are saying it does, if you decide to do this to then let me know.

So shampoo could be a thing of past soon or if you are a co-wash convert it may well be already, I would like to know what your opinions are of this and are you a co-washer already.

Love & Hugs

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