Spring/ Easter Nail Tutorial

Aloha Bombshells,

So today i am going to show you my Easter nail look and for this you will need 4 colours of your choice but i used Pistachio Ice Cream, Lush Lilac, Ameretto Crush by MUA and a white varnish,  you will also need a dotting tool, i am no nail technician this is just what i like to do.

So first you want to take off any old nail polish that you may still have on, and then file your nails, so they are all smooth and nicely shaped, you then want to take a base coat, the one i use is by Sally Hansen and it's the double duty base & top coat,and i think it's brilliant but any that you have will be fine.

I took my first colour Pistachio Ice Cream and put that on every other nail so my Thumb, 3rd finger and then the little finger nail you nay need to do a couple of coats, i then took my Lush Lilac and put that on 2nd nail and Ameretto crush on the 4th nail and then you should have something like the picture below.

After that has dried you want to take your dotting tool and put that into the preferred nail varnish so mine was Lush Lilac I then made small dots with that on the nails with Pistachio Ice Cream, you then want to repeat that with your other colour so mine would be Pistachio and put that on the Lush Lilac colour, for the nail that you have left you want to take your last colour which for me would be the white and repeat what you have just done on that nail, after that has dried you then go over with your top coat.

Once that has all dried you should have something like this, (sorry for the uneven dots)

Love & Hugs 

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  1. Such a cute idea for Easter! I love the pistachio shade I have just painted my nails a similar colour :)



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