#Have you discovered...? Concealer

Hi Beauties,

I know I didn't have a post last week, but I'm back today with my next instalment in the #Haveyoudiscovered series and this week it is Concealers. I feel a lot of my posts in this series so far have been Avon products but that's only because I don't have a big selection of products from other brands either discovered or undiscovered. 

So the product today is Avon but I never really see it get much attention and the one I have is the Ideal Flawless Concealer Stick the one I have is in Fair and I think it's a bit to light, I am going to try the medium next time, it's not an absolutely amazing product in my opinion but it does do the job, I used to apply it before my foundation, but I find it works better after I have put my foundation on.

That's all from me today
Love & Hugs 

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