REVIEW Whistle Stop Pub

Hi Beauties,

So a non-beauty related post today I don't have a post for the #Haveyoudiscovered series today but I will be back with one soon, if you have seen my vlog from Friday if not you can see it Here you will know that I went to Liss and Whistle Stop  is where we stopped for lunch and I have to say it was one of the best pubs I have been in. 

As soon as I walked in there was a lovely atmosphere, everyone was very friendly, it was excellent service, and the most important thing is that the food was great,  you really got what you paid for and the menu was very good and had a lot of different things to choose from, it wasn't a fussy menu either, unlike some places that I have been to where there's not even pie and chips on the menu lol.

Although it's a rather small town it's only about 15 - 20 mins from Petersfield so if your ever in the area I do recommend you go and check out the Whistle Stop. 

Love & Hugs

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