My Top 10 Favourite Songs

 Hi Beauties,

So I have an off topic post today and it's going to be my favourite top 10 songs at the moment, I Hope I'm not the only one that does this but I relate my whole life to songs, I can hear one and think that was so written for me.

1.) Everytime by Britney Spears - listen here 

2.) Vienna by Billy Joel  I actually first heard this song when I was watching 13 going on 30 and it's one of those songs that when I'm feeling down for one reason or another, It can just seem to put everything into perspective for me. Listen here I really love the Ariana Grande version to Listen here

3.) Oops, I Did It Again - Lola Lamour I know it's originally by Britney but I love Lola's version as I love the old time music and big bands and it has the big band sound to it. Listen here

4.) Now- Karen Carpenter I really love this one and it always reminds me of my Brother listen here

5.) Roar - Postmodern Jukebox If you are like me and love the modern take on the big band sound, then you will love this group and this song just happens to be one of my many favourites from them and it's great fun to sing to.  Listen here

6.) In The Mood - Glenn Miller I love this song it's actually one of the most played tunes of the 1940s and I love jiving and this is a great one to jive to. The version I have linked to contains footage of the Glenn Miller Story Listen here

7.) If it's too late- Katherine Kelly This song was very close to my heart last year when I was going through a really bad patch. Listen here

8.) I know how it feels - Kym Marsh This song relates to my love life more than anything based on the Character Elsie Tanner from Coronation Street as this song was on the Coronation Street 50th Anniversary Album same with the Katherine Kelly one. Listen here

9.) Change It- Dolly Parton This basically is a song when I'm down is like a kick in the backside. Listen here 

10.) Smoke gets in your eyes - Patti Austin This is just one of those that I get stuck going round in my head for some reasons and ends being my favourite for a week. Listen here

Hope you enjoyed reading my favourite songs.

Love & Hugs



  1. I love that Britney song as well, reminds me so much of my early teens X


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