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Hi Beauties,

Firstly my post on Sunday for the #Haveyoudiscovered series never went through to Bloglovin' so if you haven't read it yet and want to, then you see it here, also my first youtube video for my beauty channel went live on Monday and you can see that here, it would be great if you could click the subscribe button to while you there. 

Here is today's post it's the 20 questions TAG,

1.) Things you cannot leave the house without? 
Ipod is a must bus journeys would be terrible without this, my phone, keys, at least lippy & mascara anything else is a bonus. 

2.) Favourite brand of Make-up?
Rimmel London

3.) Favourite flowers?
Roses, Tulips, Fuchsia 

4.) Favourite clothing store?
Vivien of Holloway

5.) Favourite perfume?
Little Black Dress by Avon

6.) Heels of Flats?
Heels definitely as I'm so short, unless I'm walking quite a way then I'll go for trainers.

7.) Did you make good grades?
They were ok, I did retake maths and it really wasn't worth it, as I came out with the same I went in with.

8.) Favourite colours?
Red, Pink & Blue to pinch a quote "Blue is such a marvellous colour for Blondes" from the Diana Dors Story.

9.) Do you drink energy drinks?
No not as a rule unless I feel really ill then I might have some Lucozade.

10.)Do you drink Juice?
Yes, as a singer I drink quite a bit and water is just too bland for me.

11.)Do you like swimming?

12.) Do you eat fries with a fork?
Yes and no, in a restaurant or somewhere like that yes, at McDonald no.

13.) What's your favourite Moisturiser?
Nivea, Rich Moisturising Day Cream for Dry Skin.

14.) Do you want to get married later in life?
Yes, I'd love to have the whole family package,  give my kids everything I never had growing up.

15.) Do you get mad easily?
Not really.

16.) Are you into ghost hunting?
Yes, I am and do believe I have witnessed paranormal activity before too.

17.) Any phobias?
SPIDERS!! absolute hate, you will never see me run so fast, even in heels I don't hang around lol.

18.) Do you bite your Nails?

19.) Have you ever had a near death experience?
Unless you can count the feeling you're falling off a cliff when you're asleep then no.

20.)Do you drink Coffee?
Yes, Coffee is a must as some can't live without tea, coffee is my love.

I tag you all of you beauties to do this if you do please comment below with the link and I'll have a read of yours.

Thanks for reading 
love & hugs


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  1. Some value products get completely overlooked, particularly by bloggers who want to review high end brands to catch the eye and readers. Enjoyed your post. Stephen :o)

    1. Yes they do and it's a shame because i find sometimes the cheaper products are actually better than the expensive ones :)


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