Valentines Day Outfits.

Aloha Bombshells,

It's my Valentines outfit ideas and I have 3 for you lovely people.

Outfit 1 is this  floral dress by Phase Eight, it's a lovely pink colour and very comfortable to wear, you could put a black belt around the waist but you don't have to, if you don't want uncovered arms you can wear it with a nice pale pink coloured jacket as in the picture, all though the picture doesn't do it justice.
Shoes you can wear black or white heels or pink if you want.
Jewellery you can go with a nice white flower necklace and pink, black or clear diamond earrings.

I then finish this look off with either a black or pink bag with pink nails or a French manicure.

Outfit 2 is another floral print but with a poppy this time, the dress is by Amy's Paris but I got mine from Paula's Glitz ' n ' Glamour you can see mine is a pencil style with diamonte detail which can be strapless or with straps also as you can see, you can get it with a fuller skirt and more covered up at the top like a 1950s style swing dress, if you want your arms covered you can wear a bolero. 

For shoes again you have a variety of colour you can wear pink, black or white.
For jewellery some lovely black and clear crystal earrings with a string of pearls or a small diamonte necklace.
Then finish this look off with either a black or pink bag evening bag with Red, Pink or French Manicured Nails.
The flower you could wear in your hair or on your bolero to fasten it together at the front if you want.

Outfit 3   is this lovely Red Satin Wiggle Dress by George,  I love wiggle dresses and figure hugging dresses this is really comfortable to wear and again you can wear this with a bolero to cover your arms. you can see from the photo how tight it is (photo is old was taken in 2010 I was 15 at the time). 

    For shoes, black or silver heels would go great.
    For Jewellery  Diamonte Necklace, earrings and bracelet.
    I always use my Red Clutch Bag from Star by Julien McDonald when I wear this.
    Red or French Manicured nails and red lipstick go great with this look and the black and red flower you can either wear in your hair or on the bolero.


    If you want to see what any of these look like on then please let me know and I'll post pictures on my Facebook page. 

                                                   Thanks for reading 
love & hugs

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