Music & Stars of the Golden Yesteryears: Karen Carpenter

Aloha Bombshells,

I wouldn't feel right doing this series if i didn't include this fabulous lady, ok so not from the days of Judy Garland but still a star in her own right it's the fabulous Karen Carpenter, she has always been a favourite of mine for as long as i can remember, i might not of understood what she was singing about back then as much as i do now but it was her voice that i loved so unique and different, i don't think anyone else has had a voice like Karen's since. 

There are so many great songs from the Carpenters that to choose my favourites is very hard so i have gone for a few that i love to listen on a regular basis.

Until Now - 1981

Eve - 1969

Rainy Days and Mondays - 1985

All of my life - 1969

It really was a great shame that we lost her so early.

Love & Hugs

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