I've Become a Bookworm

Aloha Bombshells,

I have once again become quite the little bookworm, when i was growing up i went through phases of loving to read and would always have my head in a book but the last books that i actually read if i'm right were the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy not long after they came out, so that shows how long ago i last read a book. 

I have just finished reading Letters from Home which i will be reviewing soon and for the past month or so i have been picking up books that take my fancy whenever i see them, i'm a bit odd i can't watch horror movies really as i'm not great with the whole blood and gore thing but i can read those type of books is that odd are any of you like that to? 

I have now built up a nice little collection along with ones i have been given so here is my current stash of books that i have to read.

Gone Girl - I took this recommendation from Tanya Burr when it was in a favourites video of hers last year and have seen lots of others say it's a good read to.

Tell Tale - I picked this one up in Tesco for £2 bargain. 

Fear the Dark - I also got in Tesco a few weeks ago 

Too Close to Home -  i am currently reading now, I got this in poundland, i forgot my usual one and had a lot of waiting around to do later in the day, so grabbed this  and it's a really, really good read so far, sometimes it takes me a while to get into a book but this one didn't,  it got me hooked straightaway. 

The few at the bottom are the youtuber releases

Girl Online - I've not started this one yet as i think i'm going to save it for my when i'm away.

Tanya Burr - I've not read the whole book yet but what i have is really good and quite helpful.

The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force. - I literally got this one today but couldn't not include it. 

Are there any books you've read and think i should try then let me know, i'm always looking for new reads.

Love & Hugs

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  1. Looking to read half of these! Excited to read Girl Online!

  2. I need to get round to reading Gone Girl, I've heard it's good :) xx


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